Art Authority Focuses on Pablo Picasso
Links with major TV series

Ashland OR – 4/4/2018 – Art Authority LLC and its 1000Museums brand today unveiled, a website designed to help art lovers explore and obtain reproductions from the different periods and styles of the artist often called the most influential of the 20th century. The site opening is timed to link with the start of the new National Geographic Channel's “Genius” series, entitled simply “Picasso.” lets TV watchers and art lovers view, learn about and purchase archival reproductions of key works from each of Picasso’s highly varied creative periods.

As with other Art Authority Focus sites, provides a succinct overview of major aspects of the subject and makes available museum-approved archival prints of key works of art involved. In addition to exploring by period, users can also browse through Picasso’s works by subject matter as well.

Art Authority is proud to have worked with major institutions, artists and estates to create Focus sites highlighting their artistic heritage, including the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, US Library of Congress, National Gallery UK, Latin American and African-American artists, and the Mark Rothko and Henri Matisse estates. Portions of purchases from Focus sites go back to the institutions involved.

Art Authority's Focus sites feature their established 1000Museums brand, known for the latest in print-on-demand technology, top-quality archival reproductions, and its broad set of museum and cultural institution relationships. The full 1000Museums print-on-demand line is available at

About Art Authority LLC

Art Authority works with artists, art museums and other cultural institutions to make high-end archival reproductions of artwork from their collections available to the general public, broadening awareness and accessibility while providing the institutions with a revenue stream at the same time. Much of the artwork can also be viewed through Art Authority’s award-winning line of apps.