Jacqueline au Chapeau à Fleurs

This print portrays Picasso’s then-new bride, Jacqueline Roque, wearing a flowered hat. The two were married in 1961 at vastly contrasting ages: Picasso was 79, and Jacqueline was 34. This linocut was one in a series of prints by the artist not only displaying his love and affection for his wife, but additionally the artist’s artistic process as he experiments with color and composition. Linocut printmaking is a tedious process requiring a tremendous deal of imagination to foresee how each change in the block would transform the resulting composition in its entirety. Ultimately, it was an artistic experiment which Picasso enjoyed; embracing the challenge wholeheartedly and playfully.
SKU: 5540
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1962
Original Medium: Linoleum cut printed in color on wove paper
Original Size: 13 3/4 x 10 5/8 in
Location: Detroit Institute of Arts
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Paper SizePortrait / LandscapeUnframedFramed
Petite8x10 / 10x8$16$99
Small11x14 / 14x11$24$159
Medium16x20 / 20x16$45$219
Large22x28 / 28x22$79$369
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