L'acrobate (The Acrobat)

Picasso is known for being the initiator of biomorphism, which is pioneered by fellow Spaniard Joan Miro. Exemplified fully in this painting, Picasso shows off the spontaneous agility of the acrobat's body. The human figure is shown within the cube of the frame, despite the apparent freedom of bodily movement. The figure is also restricted by the colors, which control the motion of the body. The body shape is locked within a white form and then pinioned against the black background, serving as evidence of the paradox of movement and rigidity. Additionally, the figure seems male, but the gender is unknown for certain, due to the period possessing works involving countless disfigurations of the female form. Due to most Surrealist works containing sexual reference or punning, it is possible that Picasso wanted to convey phallic overtones through the dangling hand of the figure.
SKU: 6980
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1930
Original Medium: oil on Canvas
Original Size: 63 3/4 x 51 3/16 in
Location: Musée National Picasso
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