Le baiser (The Kiss)

The theme of the couple is omnipresent throughout Picasso's career, essentially turning into an obsession toward the end of his life. The realism of the tender or violent scenes of kissing couples, usually portrayed without a décor (enabling the viewer to focus solely on the couple), shows the importance of sexual love for the artist. In this painting, two heads are conjoined by a single line occupying the entire pictorial space. Picasso does not hesitate to deform and nearly mutilate the faces in order to bring them closer together, to display them as one. All the paintings of this period that represent couples illustrate the fusion of two beings. Here, the man is old and balding with a long beard; his eyes are wide open as if he is having a revelation. He is larger than the woman but is gentle and protective. Elements of an erotic frenzy of a sexual act are absent, paying tribute to the artist’s former years: this is the tenderness and serenity of Picasso's years with Jacqueline.
SKU: 6983
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1969
Original Medium: oil on Canvas
Original Size: 38 3/16 x 51 3/16 in
Location: Musée National Picasso
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