Nude Figure

A nude woman is portrayed through analytical cubism: a style of cubism partly invented by Picasso where the perspective of a single viewpoint was abandoned and instead, a multifaceted use of several viewpoints, simple geometric shapes, and interlocking planes were combined. Often, this style of cubism would be monochromatic; exemplified through the similar shades and color scheme of black, blue, grey, and brown. Picasso has disassembled the female figure and transformed her into a series of flat, transparent, geometric plates that overlap and intersect at various angles. She is bound together by straight or curved lines laid out in overlapping layers, making the curvature(s) of her body visible to the viewer.
SKU: 3700
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: Late Spring, 1910
Original Medium: oil on canvas
Original Size: 39 x 30 in
Location: Albright-Knox Art Gallery
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Paper SizePortrait / LandscapeUnframedFramed
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Small11x14 / 14x11$29$189
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