Still Life with a Bottle, Playing Cards, and a Wineglass on a Table

In 1914, Picasso created this work in Avignon, France from oil, sand, and graphite on sketch board, mounted on cradled wood panel. The still-life includes a bottle, wine glass, and JOB cigarette rolling papers, all placed on a table, and patterned playing cards that appear to float above the table. Picasso uses all subdued colors, and he contrasts the dark brown background with a reddish-brown wooden table. He infuses the work with texture through a wood-graining effect created by moving a comb through the wet paint, yet juxtaposes this texture with the monochromatic flatness of other objects in the work such as the bottle on the left. This painting is an example of a stylistic change to the Cubist style that Picasso made late in 1913, as he and Georges Braque moved away from Analytic Cubism and developed Synthetic Cubism.
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Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1914
Original Medium: Oil, sand, and graphite on sketch board, mounted on cradled wood panel
Original Size: 12 1/2 x 16 7/8 in.
Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art
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