The Pigeons

Much of the work Picasso produced during the later 1950s depict views through a window or outside over a balcony. These balcony views recalled the work of Henri Matisse: a friend and a rival of Picasso for over half a century. The artist’s death in 1954 produced a profound effect upon Picasso; thus, the balcony views can be read as an homage to the older artist. Simultaneously, the emphasis on pigeons within this work recalls Picasso's father, the great painter of pigeons, in addition to the recent success of Picasso's dove lithographs produced for the Communist Party. Through a window overlooking the bay at Cannes, Picasso shows his viewer peaceful blue waters and a small island, gently breaking the stillness of the sea. Picasso has done exactly what his predecessor Matisse did: brought together the private world of the interior with the public world of the exterior, producing an image of reverie and nostalgia.
SKU: 4168
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1957
Original Medium: oil on canvas
Location: Musée National Picasso
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