The Women of Algiers (after Delacroix)

Between 1954 and 1963, Picasso produced several series of variation of Old Master paintings including reworkings of Edouard Manet, Diego Velazquez, and Jacques-Louis David. The first of these series examined Eugene Delacroix's (1798-1863) Women of Algiers (1834). Picasso produced 15 oil paintings based on this work during the winter of 1954-55. The artist regularly visited the Louvre specifically to look at Delacroix's canvas, studying every detail to the best of his capability. However, like the rest of his variations, this painting is loosely based upon the original. The forms of the women seated in the foreground are distorted; their bodies twisted into impossible contortions so that front and back views are simultaneously presented to the viewer. Picasso’s bold color-choice only furthers this distortion.
SKU: 9064
Creator: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1954
Original Medium: oil on canvas
Original Size: 25 5/8 x 28 5/8 in
Location: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
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